Arduino - Arduino UNO

Arduino UNO

This is the most used of the various Arduino boards. And so it is the one that will be detailed here. This microcontroller has several interface zones that we will now identify:

POWER: Area where the power is supplied to the breadboard.

ANALOG INPUT: 6 analog inputs (pins A0 to A5) - 10-bit resolution.

DIGITAL I/O: 13 digital outputs/inputs max. 40mA, of which there are 6 PWM I/O (marked on the board with the character ~ ) - 8-bit resolution.

ATMEGA: It is the processor that equips the Arduino UNO boards, an 8-bit microcontroller here in DIP version but there is also an SMD version of the board.

RESET: Physical RESET button, to reset the board.

DC IN 7-12V: Input for using an AC/DC power supply to power the Arduino.

USB-B: USB-B port for communication between the Arduino board and the computer and 5V power port via USB.