Arduino - Arduino IDE

Arduino IDE

This is the software used to program the Arduino board, this is also where you set the board's connection parameters, write the programs, and send them to the Arduino board.

It is a free freeware software existing for the operating systems, Linux, Mac OSX, Windows, can be downloaded here

Toolbar - Set Board

To define which board from the Arduino range we are using.

Toolbar - Set Port

To define the communication port between the computer and the Arduino board.

Toolbar Buttons

The software is simple and intuitive, in scheme the functions of the buttons.

Serial Monitor

It is the communication window with the arduino, it is also important to specify the baudrate (communication speed between pc and arduino board) for the operation to be efficient. A baudrate that is too high will not allow us to read the values.


The Arduino IDE also brings a vast library of examples to explore and use, which can be accessed from the "File" menu.